Brandon Curtis.

Graduate Student
University of California, Berkeley

B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2011
B.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2011
Penn State

Intern, Process Development Engineer, 2007
Office Location: D75 Tan Hall
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Biomedical Applications of Non-Thermal Atmospheric Plasmas

Coadvised with Dr. David Graves, I joined the Clark Lab in August 2013.

I am interested in using atmospheric nonthermal plasmas for depositing polymers and functionalizing biological surfaces. Using custom high-voltage power supply and control equipment, spectroscopy, surface techniques, computer interfacing, and open-source hardware and software, I am characterizing, optimizing, and controlling systems for plasma-assisted polymer deposition on living tissue.

Hobbies: Culturing things, bringing knowledge to the masses, practical anarchy

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