Brian Perea.

B.S.E. Chemical Engineering, 2012
Arizona State University

Office Location: 278 Stanley Hall
Office Telephone: 510-642-4923

I am a 4th year PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering, co-advised by Professor David Schaffer.

Developing a high throughput platform for studying stem cell properties and behavior

High throughput cell-based tests have tremendous potential to meet knowledge deficits in toxicology and systems biology. These methods are well suited to interrogate specific pathways or stimuli in a dose-responsive or combinatoric manner. Recent advances in stem cell culture practices enable the derivation of genetically diverse induced pluripotent stem cell lines and differentiation of these cells into specific lineages. The integration of stem cell biology, high throughput experimentation, and computational methods is revolutionizing how human biology is modeled and explored.

My project leverages highly automated fluid handling, image acquisition, and data analysis to explore stem cell behavior in hundreds to thousands of 2D or 3D microcultures run in parallel. In particular I am interested in developing a framework for data-driven biology and demonstrating its application to problems in toxicology and systems biology.

Hobbies: reading, creative writing, hiking/backpacking