Dr. Carly Anderson

Carly Anderson completed her PhD in December 2016 in
Chemical Engineering from the 
University of California, Berkeley

B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2008
Cornell University

Associate Engineer 2008-2011
Dominion Engineering, Inc.

Office Telephone: 510-643-7332/510-643-8340

Interactions of Streamer Discharges with Aqueous Solutions and Organics

Dr. Anderson's thesis research was part of “the plasma project”, a joint research effort between the Clark and Graves groups. By ionizing air (or another working gas), a tune-able cocktail of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) can be produced. Over the past ten years, atmospheric pressure plasma treatment has been shown to have toxic effects against bacteria, microorganisms and cancer cells. It has also been investigated for use in wastewater treatment (advanced oxidative processes), and recently, carbon fixation. Through this work, we have gained a better understanding how plasma-generated reactive species can be produced efficiently and applied effectively in these challenging areas. 

The transport of reactive and/or charged species (generated by plasma) across plasma-liquid interfaces was a major focus of this work. In low-temperature plasma systems, the flux of such species across the interface is influenced by mass transport limitations (subject to diffusive or convective forces), electrical fields, electrochemical phenomenon, and/or chemical kinetics. Dr. Anderson's dissertation can be viewed here

Hobbies: Climbing, hiking, turkey frying