Harshal Chokhawala.

Project Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Post-Doctorate Researcher
University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. Chemistry, 2008
University of California, Davis

Office Location: 242 Energy Biosciences Building
Office Telephone: 510-666-2558

My research focuses on engineering enzymes for a range of different applications. Some projects I have been involved in over the years include developing a high-throughput enzyme expression and activity screen for cellulases, biochemical characterization of a library of chimeric cellulases to study the effects of carbohydrate binding modules (CBMs), enzyme source and biomass pretreatment on cellulase activity, engineering trichoderma reesei endoglucanase I for improved activity/thermostability, and using filamentous chaperone ɣ-prefoldin as a scaffold to generate multi-enzyme biosynthetic pathways in a controlled manner for improving enzyme stability and substrate channeling.

I joined the Clark Lab in Summer '08!

Hobbies: kite flying, scuba diving, food adventures, hot tubs, B+DC