Jessica Ryan.

Post-Doctorate Researcher
University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 2007
University of California, Berkeley
B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2002
Georgia Institute of Technology

Office Location: 497A Tan Hall
Office Telephone: 510-643-8340
Office Fax: 510-643-1228

Development of Chemotherapeutics for Breast Cancer

Traditionally, cancer drugs have been discovered by collecting material from natural sources and then screening the separated compounds for their ability to stop the growth of cancer cells. More recently, a synthetic approach has been taken, and large collections (libraries) of organic compounds have been synthesized with the hope that some of them will exhibit anti-cancer properties. My research combines these two approaches to drug discovery, which will hopefully enable us to design a new class of chemotherapeutics for breast cancer.

This work will utilize biocatalytic reactions to diversify the combinatorial libraries that will be produced by the derivitization of lead compounds, therefore increasing the probability of finding a bioactive product. I will also be involved in developing a high throughput synthesis/screening device that will utilize sol-gel technology. The effect of combining the two natural paradigms for drug discovery into a hybrid approach (using combinatorial biocatalysis on lead compounds that mimic those found in nature), along with the development of this high throughput synthesis/screening device, will enable the development of pharmacologically active compounds to progress at unparalleled speeds.