Kehoon Won.

Post-Doctorate Researcher
University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 1997
Pohang University of Science & Technology

Office Location: 497A Tan Hall
Office Telephone: 510-643-8340
Office Fax: 510-643-1228

Novel Nonporous Fouling-Resistant Enzymatic Composite Membranes for Wastewater Treatment

My research project focuses on the development of a new class of materials from high-performance, water-permeable, polymeric membranes for Naval wastewater remediation applications. Two innovative approaches to reduce membrane fouling will be investigated: (1) application of nonporous polymeric coatings to porous ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes to reduce internal membrane fouling and (2) incorporation of enzymes into the polymer membranes to hydrolyze foulants deposited onto membrane surfaces. Enzymes will be screened in solution to determine the best enzymes for hydrolyzing fouling components, such as proteins and lipids, in model graywater. Nonporous, hydrophilic polymeric coating materials that can both effectively immobilize enzymes while maintaining enzyme activity and provide a high water flux and excellent mechanical stability will be developed. These membranes will be tested for their fouling resistance to a variety of aqueous solutions containing lipids, proteins, and model graywater foulants.

My research project involves a collaboration between (i) the polymer synthesis and characterization laboratory at University of Texas at Austin, (ii) the thin-film composite membrane and module development and testing facilities at Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. This collaborative effort will provide the maximum opportunity to successfully incorporate enzymes into anti-fouling, nonporous polymer coatings, and to produce membranes on industrial membrane preparation equipment. Promising membranes developed in this project could be quickly incorporated into practicable systems for direct testing at Navy facilities.