Riya Muckom
B.S. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, 2013 
Office Location: 473 Tan Hall

High-Throughput Stem Cell Screening
The ability to understand and control the mechanisms behind stem cell fate decisions would greatly enhance our fundamental biological knowledge of stem cells, as well as improve efforts in tissue engineering and disease modeling. Because stem cell fate decisions are highly context dependent, the extracellular environment plays a crucial role in their behavior. Combinatorial vastness in relevant extracellular cues, like soluble ligands, warrants high-throughput platforms. In particular, high-throughput temporal modulation of soluble ligands is an underdeveloped area of research that can help us understand timescales of stem cell fate decisions and enhance the efficiency of differentiation processes. My work aims to adapt and expand existing high-throughput methods to serve as a tool to study dynamic ligand signaling effects on stem cell behavior. This project is co-advised by David Schaffer.

If you're an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley and are interested in being a research assistant on this project beginning May 2017, email your resume to rmuckom@berkeley.edu.