Sean McFarland.

B.S. Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology, 2009
Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Office Location: 489 Tan Hall
Office Telephone: 510-642-4923
Office Fax: 510-642-5198

Developing High Throughput (Stem) Cell Arrays for Studying Cell Properties and Behavior

Stem cells represent a resource of vast potential, but the complex biology that governs their behavior is often difficult to study and manipulate. My work seeks to address this by developing next generation high-throughput screening workflows that can better explore these systems' function. To accomplish this, we've constructed an end-to-end pipeline that allows us to take cells grown in conventional formats, print them using a customized microarrayer onto high density culture chips, screen them over days or weeks in varying microenvironments, and then acquire high content immunostaining images using an automated microscope. These images can be fed through a variety of processing pipelines to extract features to quantify cellular responses.

Hobbies: Running, Eating large amounts of food