Tim Logan.

Graduate Student
University of California, Berkeley

Sc.B. Chemical Engineering, 2000
Brown University

Office Location: 497A Tan Hall
Office Telephone: 510-643-8340
Office Fax: 510-643-1228

Microfluidic Biocatalysis

I am currently working on the development of an integrated biochip suitable for performing lead optimization and bioactivity assays on a single microfluidic platform. The idea is to perform multiple biotransformations of lead compounds in reservoirs and microchannels filled with a wide range of different sol-gel-encapsulated enzymes (also know as solzymes), or with enzymes immobilized to polymeric microparticles. The system will enable the rapid generation and detection of new bioactive compounds, and will represent a completely new approach to drug discovery.

Solzymes are highly active, stable, and reusable for repeated biotransformations in aqueous or nonaqueous solvents. The microscale dimensions of the device will enable the generation of large and diverse product libraries using only small amounts of biocatalyst and minute quantities of lead compound. This work will exploit recent advances in microfabrication and lab-on-a-chip techniques, and be founded on the lab's experience in combinatorial biocatalysis, microfluidics, and solzymes. This broad-based technology has applications in the discovery of pharmaceuticals and other high-value chemicals (e.g., agrochemicals and nutraceuticals), as well as in the development of new biosensors and clinical diagnostics.